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We understand that the contractor of an air freight service is because needs its cargo immediately, we offer a personalized service where our fundamental goal is to move your cargo as quickly and effectively as possible. Working together with our first-class partners companies to ensure your cargo is handled by highly trained staff offering a service from our warehouse to the world.

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  • Sea transport services
  • Shipment tracking
  • Warehousing
  • Customs services
  • Ground transportation services
  • Insurance

Special merchandise

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The handling of delicate merchandise and its traffic is highly regulated in the United States and the failure of these regulations puts the safety of your merchandise at risk.

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  • Make bigger your business

    Te brindamos asesoría para lograrlo. Tu crecimiento es el nuestro por lo tanto queremos acompañarte en todo el camino.

  • Consulting

    Our experience allows us to provide logistical advices in order to obtain the appropriate service that give us to maximize time and cost in the shipping of your merchandise.

  • Insurance

    We work with first line brokers in every country and in the United States to take insurance from anywhere in the world at very competitive rates. For us it is an additional service that we offer to our clients.

Our company promises

As a company we are committed to take care of all the management of the supply chain, in order to travel your shipments safe, quick and on time.